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In 2009, Andy Lau's underground relationship with Carol Zhu surfaced and it was exposed the couple were already married in the United States. The news shocked everyone and Andy was called a liar. All along, Andy had always wanted to have children, and had been working hard to do so. Finally his 46 year old wife Carol was pregnant.

In the recent month, Andy stopped working and accompanied his wife through her pregnancy. The other night, news broke out that Carol, accompanied by Andy, was secretly admitted to the hospital ready to give birth. It was understood Carol eventually gave birth to a 6 pound baby girl. Both mother and daughter are safe. Yesterday the news of Andy becoming a father already circulated around the entertainment circle and many reporters rushed to the hospital to get the story. The media surrounded Andy's residence as well, but deep into the evening, neither Andy or his wife appeared.

Although the news has been widely circulated, Andy still has not confirmed the news on his official website. It looks like he doesn't want the news exposed yet. [Oriental Daily] contacted his manager to confirm if Andy's baby girl is born? The spokesperson responded: "No news whatsoever." Asked if Andy will announce of the baby's birth? He said: "He never said, I am waiting for the news too. (Are you at the hospital?) I am at the company now."

Although Andy is maintaining his silence, many of his Fans are excited for the news: "Anticipating for the good news tomorrow." Many fans congratulated their idol. Also, Andy's official website anniversary is on June 9th, which is coincidentally his daughter's one month birthday. There is a great possibility that Andy will personally announce the news to his 'family' (fans) on that date.

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Posted by Hex on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
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